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Youth League
 The public is invited to Community Youth Archery! 

5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Grand Rapids Archers offers a beginning archery class.  Instruction is focused on youngsters age 8 and above. This class is specifically for those that have never shot a bow and arrow before and want to try it out. 

The club furnishes all necessary equipment.  There are several instructors available to work with each person and to help them get started correctly.

The class focuses on range safety and procedures, equipment use and shooting technique.  This is a great chance to explore archery and to try equipment before you buy.  Many expensive mistakes can be avoided by having your young "shooter" attend this class.  They will learn shooting form and how equipment works and will be able to talk to instructors to get recommendations on purchasing their own equipment.

There is no charge for this class.​
For more information contact Steve Miller 218-360-0200
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